Can your app do this?

February 22, 2018

In the fitness industry, times they are a changing. We are living in a time where fitness apps, FitBits and video/diet programs are giving the hard working personal trainer a run for their money. As a personal trainer I can understand the convenience and price difference of using an app. I think it’s kind of cool to know how many steps you did today, but can your FitBit tell you how hard you were pushing yourself during your strength routine? Or were you texting and searching for new music rather than getting in your last set?

Can your app tell you if your coordination and balance are on point, or if your shoulders/back/hips/knees/ankles/feet are in alignment?

When you get tired, is there a real live person to look you in the eye and say, “Hey, you got this.”

This article is not about what the right path is for you to achieve your fitness goals, but in a time when computers and apps are replacing human beings, it may be time to ask yourself, “Can your app do this?”

Snowcreek has asked a handful of longtime members who utilize personal training as a means to finding that bridge to wellness four questions to the benefits and value of personal training.


Question #1

As a client, what do you feel are the three biggest benefits to working with your personal trainer?

Lou Margulies
Accountability. Regular scheduled workouts without missing weeks really pays off. Alana pushes me to do more than I would do on my own. Having a trainer is the 1 thing I do for myself. I have found that carving out the time for the gym makes me a better person and more effective inter-personally.

Regular weight bearing exercise has increased my bone density…bone scan has demonstrated improvement every 2 years for the last six years.

Working out pre and post surgery for shoulder and partial knee replacement really hasten my recovery! Thank you Brian of Summit Physical Therapy and Alana Levin. Training with a partner, my daughter, is another motivator!

Sue Stavlo
It’s on my schedule so I have to go!
I do work harder with a trainer than I do by myself.
She holds me accountable for the joint goals we set, AND we have fun!

Gary Morgan
Motivation- the trainer must be fun, tough and understanding of my weaknesses, imbalance, strengths and injuries. Trainer is part DR and part trainer.

Relationship – It’s a personal relationship with trainer that develops over time and is essential for motivation, goals and discipline

Transformation – As clients we need to see physical and/or mental improvements from the workouts over time. Feeling of well being is also important.

Clint Hyde
Constant encouragement to stick with it.


Question #2

Have you ever used an app or home video program to work out, and if so, what was your experience and which app or video did you use? (Likes/dislike, etc.) If you have not used an app or video, why not?

Lou Margulies
I have used a phone app (free on Android) to track activity, water and food intake. Suprising results prompted me to make permanent changes. I prefer working out at the gym versus with a video at home. I am more motivated at the gym. I can set aside the issues or interruptions of home by working out at the gym.

Sue Stavlo
No, I have not. I’d rather go to the gym. And we have such a great one!

Gary Morgan
No, I cannot use them because I don’t have the discipline to self-train. I can do sports and go skiing, but I cannot discipline myself!

Clint Hyde
Never used a video- I did do the Beat the Bulge program Tiffany and Steph hosted where we used an app to track workouts.


Question #3

What is your favorite exercise your personal trainer has you perform?

Lou Margulies
My favorite exercise that Alana makes me do are the ones that help to tone the arms.

Gary Morgan
Leaving the gym….kidding… Core work and flexibility, functional strength and cardio.

Clint Hyde
I like em’ all.


Question #4

What is your least favorite exercise your personal trainer has you perform?

Lou Margulies
I have determined that my least favorite exercise is probably the most effective: Hip Thrusters.

Sue Stavlo
It’s a tie between Dead Lifts and Stupid Step Up’s

Gary Morgan
To be honest, nothing because I know and trust Tiff knows what I need.

Clint Hyde
Like em’ all.


Trainers get into the fitness industry because they have a love for movement and want you to be healthy, happy and functional for years to come. So whatever route you choose in your path to wellness take a moment to appreciate the education and commitment a trainer has to offer- whether it is for you, or someone you know who needs a little extra motivation, let’s spread the love of fitness and wellness for years to come.

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