Running Tips From Olympic Athlete Alexi Papas

March 14, 2017



We had the incredible opportunity this pass month of hosting Olympic runner Alexi Papas as she trains for her next big race! We hope you enjoy this interview with a little bit of her story, great fitness tips and inspiration as much as we did!


When did you develop a passion for running?

I developed a passion for running when I found a team that I believed in– one I wanted to work hard for and with! For me, that was in college. I grew up playing other team sports– when I finally found that team element in running in college, it was incredible.


What brings you to Mammoth?

I train in Mammoth to learn from my role models in the sport and to train in the most beautiful and ideal training spot in the world. I remember the first time I came here, I felt like my greatest running self. I felt like more was possible and I felt gratitude for the people and place I could surround myself with each day in Mammoth.


What are your goals right now or what are you training for?

I am training for the New York City Half Marathon! It will be my first ever half marathon.


What helps keep you motivated?

I am motivated by the thought of exploring my own mental and physical potential.


There’s a lot of runners here in Mammoth what tips would you give them?

I’d say the best advice is to run based on effort, rather than pace!


What was your favorite thing about Snowcreek?

Snowcreek is an incredible resource and spot for athletes in Mammoth Lakes. It provides the facilities and comfort that helps us when we’re *in between* the trails– the recovery, lifting, plyometric work, and more. It’s these little details that we’re able to focus on at Snowcreek that will add up to big gains.

What was your favorite thing about competing in the Olympics?

My favorite thing about competing in the Olympics was meeting all the world’s best athletes in the athlete village– this was where we got the chance to interact between competitions, which is special in a different way.


What was the scariest thing about competing?

The scariest thing was not knowing what to expect out of my Olympic race– anything can happen in the Olympics and no matter how much you prepare, unexpected things always happen.


What is your favorite event to run and why?

Now, I love the 10,000 meters on the track the best, because it feels like the greatest combination of mental and physical strength and bravery.


Make sure to Follow her progress on Twitter @alexipappas

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